More Quilt Layout Ideas

Hola! The block of the month is wrapped up and as you are all working on finishing your 12 or 13 blocks I want to share a few layouts that I created while considering how to finish my own quilt. If you look back at this post, there are two possible layouts there that I shared before making all the blocks. Now that I have made them and lived with them for a while, I am considering some alternate layouts.

I am suggesting 5 more layouts of varying sizes so depending on how you want to use your quilt there are options. Hopefully one of these will inspire you to complete the blocks and ultimately your quilt! Note that my color suggestions are based on the color palette my blocks are made up in, adjust colors and patterns according to your taste.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.11.41 AM
Stripes Galore Approx. Finished Size: 57″ square (4’8″ sq.)

This layout was inspired by some Kaffe Fassett fabrics and quilts I was researching. I love how he combines patterns and fabrics with such enthusiasm! The setting triangles are made up of strips of your leftover fabric (or to make life easier can be a coordinating striped fabric) and the sashing is a thin black & white stripe. This works up to a nice lap quilt size. I am leaning towards using this layout for my blocks 😉



Round Robin Approx. Finished Size: 53" sq. (4'4" sq)
Round Robin
Approx. Finished Size: 53″ sq. (4’4″ sq)

Another lap quilt size with a large center star motif. The pieced border is a good way to use up any scraps of fabric you have left over. They don’t all have to be the same size either.


Large Star Approx. Finished size: 68” x 92“ (5’7” x 7’7”)
A Constellation of Stars
Approx. Finished size: 68” x 92“ (5’7” x 7’7”)

A variation on Idea 2: Round Robin, this version yields a larger, rectangular quilt. It’s approximately a twin bed size but it is a little skinny. If you really want it to hang over the sides etc. measure your mattress and add a side border. The feature here is a large central star with the smaller star blocks surrounding it. To be sure that your central star stands out choose contrasting fabrics to the background fabric used in your blocks. Again, a pieced border allows you to use up some of those leftover scraps.





Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.12.29 AM
Starry, Starry Sky Approx. Finished size: 66” x 90“ (5’5” x 7’5”)

I love this layout! but as you can see from the quilt that inspired the layout, it requires a lot of quilting. As I am a hand quilter, I just don’t know that I have the patience to work on it for that long. I may change my mind though, so, whichever one I finally decide on I will certainly share the finished results. 🙂 Similar to Idea 3, this is close to a twin bed size. You can easily add more fabric to either side to hang over the sides. Personally I would not add contrasting borders as I think the beauty of it is how the stars stand out in a field of white (or the background color you chose for your blocks).



Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.14.59 AM
Blanket of Stars Approx. Finished Size: 90″ square (7’5″ sq.)

I really like the modern take on this one, a simple layout but striking. The final size is approximately a queen size and the stars are slightly off-set from the middle. As in the one above, I would not add contrasting borders but allow the stars to shine all on their own. You could do some heavy, creative quilting as in the previous quilt or a simple series of diagonal lines.


So there you have it, some inspiration to carry on and finish this quilt. I cannot wait to see what each of you choose! Please post here or on Facebook.

(NOTE: I am not providing directions for these layouts, all of them are simple enough that I believe it will be easy to figure out the blocks, cutting, fabric etc needed to proceed. )



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